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Tune In and Listen

September 18, 2017

IMG_2739 2

The first few weeks of PE always include a lot of discussion about form and mechanics. This looks different across all ages but one thing they all have in common is learning to listen to what their bodies are telling them. It starts in kindergarten, where the students are practicing kinesthetic sense. They practice moving through their environment while bringing awareness to what is going on around them. In the video below students are moving in the opposite direction of some of their peers and practicing paying attention to each other.



Once students have a grasp on how their bodies move in their environment we begin to discuss pacing. We talk about pacing in terms of levels or zones. Their first level starts out easy enough that they can sing while running (you can catch a glimpse of this below). The levels increase gradually and when they reach level five they are working hard enough that they only have the breath to get out a word or two. Each student has their own set of “levels” and it takes practicing getting to know what that feels like in their own body.



By the time students reach middle school they are learning about pushing limits and taking bigger risks. One way this is demonstrated is by our time in the forest. Some students choose to run the out and back loop. They are not only navigating kinesthetic challenges (roots, rocks, etc.) but they are also navigating pacing strategies. The students in the photo below recently ran 2.5 miles in the forest at sub 7 minute mile pace!


FullSizeRender.jpg-1 2.jpeg


I’m am looking forward to finding out the many other ways I see the students listening to their bodies this year.


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